Sister, You Don't Have To Go Through this Heartbreak During Quarantine Alone!

Your grief, your pain, and your process are all welcome here.


in 6 weeks 

while also gaining clarity and hope, to get back out there and find a healthy, lasting godly relationship.

If you’re a Christian woman who has recently been through heartbreak,

and is struggling with feeling worthy, is tired of fearing dating, or is seeking a process of healing, then you probably know that you need some coaching and a proven process to truly help you give you a renewed hope for the future.

So I’ll spare you the spiel, sister.

No need to be a broken record and convince you of something that you are more than likely already aware of.

After all, you probably KNOW that seeking deeper healing, finding community, and having a cheerleader to help you through the process will allow you to experience freedom from rejection, reclaim your worth, and feel more confident than ever.



...about dating and heartbreak.

Just about ALL of us endure a level of rejection at some point in our lives. It can seem hopeless and defeating. It can feel like NO one understands what you are going through… but let me just give you a small dose of encouragement:


    Even if you have tried things to heal and they haven’t worked or even if you feel like you’ll never be able to deal with rejection again...it's not because this is easy, but there is a way out. You just might not have been introduced to the best process to heal, truly move on, and become fully resilient.

    Even if right now you feel like dating is too risky because it always seems to end in heartbreak...or even if you’re just nervous to try again… there is a way to break through the lies holding you down and step into freedom from fear all while finding a renewed hope for your future. Consistent JOY waits just around the corner, friend.

    Dating can at times feel like wear and tear on our heart and worthiness. This is why it’s so important to truly discover a process to deeply transform your mind and reshape the lies of worthlessness, feeling unloved, and insecurity. Re-discovering that YOU are valuable and loved beyond belief will allow you to walk in confidence and in a deep love that NO person or situation can take away from you.

    Too often we feel alone and isolated in this process. It can really feel like no one gets what we are going through. Sister, let me just tell you there IS a community of women who GET IT and who are in the boat with you. Realizing that we are seen, understood, and have a support team of cheerleaders can deeply impact how we are able to press through victoriously.

Even though the reasons to overcome heartbreak and rejection are a total no-brainer, the path to actually finding deep healing and hope can seem daunting and defeating.

Heal from Heartbreak? Sign me up! 

But, where in the world do I even begin?

Perhaps at your lowest moments you’ve really tried your hardest to heal.

You’ve started on the journey of processing the grief. You’ve journaled, unfollowed and gotten rid of everything about your ex, had multiple girls nights, read a new inspiring book, and even constantly prayed (or cried) to God.

Maybe you were really committed and even sought mentorship, therapy, or booked yourself a last minute trip to get away from it all.

However, even with the best intentions, most people on the journey to healing get held up on something and end up abandoning the process. This could be allowing the lies of worthlessness, insecurities, or the overall fears of the future swoop back in while on your journey.

Here is why most on the journey to healing from heartbreak and rejection abandon the process:

Without a super clear, step-by-step healing plan, most wounded and heartbroken women get stuck or lost.

They fall victim to the process not being as short as they expected. They have a run in with an ex and it completely throws them off. They have a few bad days after coming so far and start feeling discouraged that it will really never get any better. They try to go out on other dates only to realize it makes them feel worse. They start feeling like they don’t have clarity in their dating life at all.

This is why this is so irreversibly crippling.

As a valuable and wonderful woman that desires marriage one day, healing from heartbreak and re-claiming self-love, worth, and hope are non-negotiables if you actually want to obtain your hearts desires.

The moment you succumb to weariness and give up on healing from heartbreak or rejection, it becomes so much more difficult to recover from.

Therefore, seeking a true process to healing, reclaiming love, and finding hope are the things you NEED TO GET RIGHT NOW to set yourself up for a thriving-filled life and one day. . . a healthy marriage.

Lucky for you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are so many women who have been in your exact shoes. Even if you can’t see them right now, they are there. They can also be reading this right now, longing for the same desire to be seen, understood, and supported.

So even if you’ve been discouraged in the past, have given up on the process of healing (or dating in general), or even if right now you are unsure of your worth and value or the fact that you will ever find someone to be happy with...

I just want to say that there is STILL such a golden opportunity for you to jump into this! Clean up the mess of the past and find a brand new renewed vision for your future! 


The 5 Biggest Reasons Women do not HEAL from Heartbreak.

Reason 1


Sister, I hear this. I have felt a lack in ALL of these areas. Just let me encourage you with this: You can find a way to reclaim self love. You CAN re-discover your worth. You can re-establish value. You can take BACK your power and claim what is true about yourself and how God so beautifully and intricately designed you!

Reason 2

Feel like there is no way out

You might feel stuck, like there is no way truly out of this… and I get it because healing from heartbreak can feel like grieving the death of someone important to you… and that is SO incredibly tough. Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly believe that we must feel the pain to HEAL the pain. Let me tell you what, there IS a powerful process to healing that will truly help you to re-claim HOPE and deeply transform your mind. This time we aren’t just saying we are going to move on, we are going to DO the work of moving on.

Reason 3

Have a crippling FEAR of the Future

Feeling rejected or heartbroken, especially more than once, creates an expected layer of fear. However, just because it might be there, does not mean we have to welcome it stay. You have to hear this: through deep healing and processing, you can unroot the fear and plant seeds of HOPE. You can actually get excited about your life as a single as you thrive in your current season. Eventually, one day when the fog has cleared and you are ready to take the plunge back in, you can reach a point of being excited about dating again… after all, dating can actually be FUN (you might not believe me yet but you will!).

Reason 4

Stuck in blame and what if’s

It’s so easy to blame ourselves. Or think about all the things that “could have” or “should have” been done differently. Friend, those words need to be removed from your vocabulary. While yes there is always something great to learn from every experience, playing the self-blame game or ruminating on the “what if’s” will only cause you to downward spiral. Instead, the WHAT to do to move forward is the most powerful and transformative thing you can do to move on. Together we will journey down that path victoriously.

Reason 5

Feel alone, unseen, and not supported

I know it can seem like a lot of people don’t really get it, but sister I do. You are not alone. I have been through countless heartbreaks including anywhere from relationships of abuse, infidelity, manipulation, lying, to even healthy, fall to your knees romantic, loving relationships. I get it, and sister I get YOU. More importantly, GOD gets you and has never left or forsaken you. However let’s not even stop there! Through this program you will have a COMMUNITY of women at your side encouraging you. They have been through it, too. You may have felt alone before, but you don’t have to now.


Even though it seems daunting...Even though it will take work...Even if you’ve failed before. I am telling you, there is a way OUT. You CAN fully move on. There is a path to finding healing, reclaiming love, and embracing HOPE.

There is a huge likelihood that you haven’t had all the tools you needed to get to point of freedom from the pains of rejection. But that’s why I am so glad you’re here right now… because those tools DO exist!

There also might be the chance that you’ve been stuck in feelings of unworthiness, not feeling chosen, or being unlovable because someone unexpectedly left you, or mistreated you terribly. My heart breaks for you sister, because I have been there. And because of that I also know it is also MORE than possible to reverse these mindsets and rewire your mind for love.

Even if fear has stood in your way before, it doesn’t have to anymore. This is your time. This is your breakthrough moment. This is where you say goodbye to the chains of heartbreak and rejection and instead claim profound freedom and VICTORY for your future.

The secret sauce to discovering ALL of this is to heal your heart through a proven process and get back out there on a first date.

And with your permission, that’s what I’d be HONORED to walk you through!

"Where to begin!? Kait is simply the most loving and amazing listener when it comes to heartbreak. As someone who’s experienced her own tribulations & sufferings from relationships, she can truly empathize with many emotions that arise in those trialing times. I, myself, have come to her with my own personal heart break and she is quick to listen and draw the Lord into our conversation. God’s gifted her with the ability to provide an extremely safe, trustworthy, patient and gentle space for me and I’m sure anyone else to process where they are. Not only that, but she always turned me back to truth. Even when I couldn’t see the growth and the strides forward I made from my heart break, Kait made sure I knew that I am indeed making progress and that just because past feelings arise, it doesn’t mean I took 100 steps back. “Some things just take time to heal”, she said. I trust her so much as a friend and a wise woman to lead others in their seasons of singleness and heartbreak. She delights to talk about dating and the trials it comes with so I know whoever has a story, Kait is there to listen and equipped to help."
“Kait Warman teaches from a humble but powerful place as she generously shares life-giving insights from her own journey through finding love and experiencing devestating heartbreak. The personal guidance you will find in this course provides the hope needed to heal and restore joy.  It will powerfully revolutionize how you see yourself as Kait invites you to join her on her personal quest to live in the fullness and beautiful strength of who God created us to be both in and out of relationships.”
"If there is a woman that has walked through relationships and heartbreaks with integrity, it’s Kait Warman.  I trust Kait to lead women through heartbreak because she has walked through pain and heartache in her life, and navigated it with honor, seeking God, and inviting safe and trusted people to speak into her blind spots.  She is committed to ‘doing the work’, and truly leads by example."
""I've seen our precious Kait walk honorably through many seasons of life, including the dreaded breakups + heartaches we’ve all endured. The difference with Kait is this: God’s placed on her heart a desire to see other women get through what she went through. Sometimes, once a woman is healed from something, she doesn’t want to look back, but Kait knows that if she can do it, you can, too! Because she’s been through relationship trauma + heartbreak, she knows what it’s like, and what needs to be done to walk in freedom! I’m praying for all of you girls who go through this program with Kait, that the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth, and into abundant freedom in Christ Jesus! 

Kait is an amazing support to have by your side along this journey! She’s full of joy + healthy expectation and she’s cheering YOU on! with her whole heart! She’s a beautiful friend + a willing encourager, one who is always seeking ways to grow + learn + love well! I trust that Kait will always go to Jesus + His Word for comfort + wisdom, first. That's the kind of guide you want! I’m so excited to see women coming together to seek freedom, forgiveness, and WHOLENESS! To God be all the GLORY!"
"It’s such a great course and I learned so much about myself and how to overcome the abuse cycle and be able to move forward as a better version of myself and be better prepared to dive into the dating world and to be the kind of person the person I’m looking for is looking for.”
“This program will help you take a good look at the lies you’ve been believing about yourself and about God. It will give you the resources to help heal your heart, and if you do the work, help you move forward so that you can look at the future with hope and excitement."
“It WAS the most helpful thing I did to work through my last breakup AND some major baggage from my past that I didn't even know I was still carrying around! Kait, thank you so much for sharing your story, experience and heart with us! I can't even express how much you've helped me but I will say that you're program has given me so much hope and healing."
From triggers to owning our story to dreaming ahead, we talk about every component of heart break and how it doesn't have to affect our future. With intentional, faithful work, we can own our past so it has less power over us and see how God can bring so much good out of our past mess. The course will not only transform how you see rejection and past heartbreaks, but will encourage you to inspire others to do the same and make positive, faithful life changes to be all God has called them to be."
"This course was the best thing I did for myself all year. I learned so many practical things that are helping me move forward in my life and get excited about the future. I was hesitant to take this course because I thought I was already through the worst of my heartbreak and would get back to normal soon. And while I was feeling "better," I was still sad, blaming myself, playing the what-if/if-only game, and having a tough time fully getting over it. Taking this course was the push I didn't realize I needed. Kait is such a wonderful and compassionate teacher and takes you through dealing with the grief, owning your story and showing how much power we have over our own lives, all while teaching you how to take care of yourself and figuring out what to look for in the future. And in addition to all of the great lessons, you get an amazing, supportive community of women who actually understand what you're going through! I'm so glad I chose to invest in myself and use these six weeks to learn, heal, and become more confident in what God has planned for me. I've grown so much and am finally moving forward instead of getting stuck in the same cycle I've been in, and I know I'll keep using these lessons and resources for dating in the future. Thank you so much, Kait!"
Hey guys! I just want to say how great this course was. I think I needed it more than I realized. Since ending this course, I have started dating an amazing man I met at church. He started coming to the church right about the time we started this course. It wasn’t much after we created the list of 3 things we wanted in a potential husband we started to talk at church. It’s been 3 months since we exchanged info and really started talking. I met his family and in Nov and he’ll be meeting most of mine in a few weeks at Christmas. I say all this because I really believe when you put in the work - work on healing and making you the best you, things begin to change. I know I shared this before, but in July I finally said when I get married, not if. That shift in mindset really made a difference in me and who I was.
I so thankful for Kait Warman and all she’s doing for the Lord and the single community!!! Real honored to have been apart of this group!


The Heartbreak To First Date Program

the step-by-step process that not only shows you exactly how to become a confident, healed woman after heartbreak but also gives you the clarity and hope to get back out there to find a healthy, lasting, and godly relationship.

Sister, I have been THROUGH IT ALL when it comes to heartbreak. On one end I have been through abuse, infidelity, manipulation, lying and endless confusion. On the other end, I have experienced healthy dating, fall to your knees romance, and extremely loving relationships.

I have been left dumbfounded, deeply hurt, and confused after breakups. I have gotten to a point of losing my sense of self-love. I have felt crazy and worthless. I have doubted that I would ever find the love I desired. I have experienced crippling fear worrying that a new guy would be the same as the last. Oh girlfriend, do I ever get it...
I have also had many failed attempts of healing. I have tried dating again only to end up in the same traps as before.

After nonstop dating for 10 years and ending up in incredibly abusive relationship, I hit my lowest of lows. When I finally got enough courage to leave my abusive relationship I felt loveless, helpless, worthless, and completely ashamed. I had finally reached a point where I knew my life couldn’t stay the same. I couldn’t bear to live like this anymore.

Finally enough was enough.

So, I went on a journey to seek out EVERY possible form of healing, self-love, and every mind, body, and spirit renewal I could find. I spent thousands of dollars on therapy, self-help programs, conferences, and coaching. I read countless books, listened to sermons, podcasts, talked with mentors and sought counsel from people with similar experiences.Eventually, I got to a beautiful place of freedom from the ties of heartbreak. I became so strong that when any form of new rejection came along, it might prick me, but it wouldn’t dare take me down. It was a long process, but my heart wholly healed. My journey to becoming a wholehearted woman had proven rewarding like no other. So sis, I’ve taken everything I have learned from experiencing just about every heartbreak and healing scenario, and channelled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step process of healing, embracing self-love, and finding a renewed HOPE.

The Heartbreak To First Date Program is NOT a program that will lead you to temporary healing Instead, it’s a pathway and a process to true, transformative healing and self-discovery as you remain rooted in your faith and feel stronger in worth and value than ever before.

And, you’ll have me by your side walking you through each step of the journey. Well actually, not even just me, you will also have FELLOW SISTERS who also know what it’s like to be in your shoes who will be walking alongside of you as well. Talk about being SEEN, am I right?

The end result: Freedom from the hurt of heartbreak and overcoming the fear of dating, practical tools and a process to truly heal and help you continue to heal, a renewed confidence and sense of worth and value, and a lasting source of HOPE and excitement for your single life as you are supported by incredible women who are walking alongside you and want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Heartbreak To First Date 

Is the first program of its kind to….

Deeply help you restore love, confidence, and hope. It’s a program to remove FEAR so you can get back out there.
Sister, this is my ultimate goal. And I am SO confident you will be able to experience these things even in the face of extreme heartbreak, because I HAVE. I won’t lie to you, it’s not easy. Planting NEW, deep roots means you’ll have to get your hands dirty and get IN THERE. However, I promise you, it’s possible and SO worth it.

Provide thorough and manageable ways to TRULY transform and HEAL.

We are talking practical! Biblically, spiritually, mentally… we go ALL in! This is about an entire mind and heart transformation. This time we aren’t just saying that we are going to move on, we are going to DO the actual work of moving on. At the same time, I won’t be giving you any unnecessary strategies that look good in theory but are impossible to implement. We are keeping it manageable with practices and processes that you can actually get excited about implementing into your life.

Make you feel more SEEN and SUPPORTED than ever.

Those isolating feelings that make you feel like no one gets you will immediately be thrown out the door. Throughout this process, you will be supported with resources, prayers, teachings, AND a group of like-minded women who are in the boat with you. Not to mention, I will be your cheerleader <pom poms on + Celine Dion music blaring> all set and ready to empower you through this journey every step of the way.

So if you’re ready to finally do the work to MOVE ON from rejection and find HOPE for your future without feeling worthless, fearful, stuck, or isolated, then sis you couldn’t be in a better place!

Here's how I will gladly help you get there:

Module 1


In order to HEAL from the pain we have to be willing to FEEL the pain. But sometimes, we don’t even really know where to start. In this lesson you will learn how to embrace and come to terms with the disappointment of heartbreak, understand how to specifically navigate the stages of grief, and develop your own grieving plan. You will also come to recognizing all of the things that are holding you up from truly finding healing. This lesson is all about jump-starting the journey of healing towards finding purpose in the pain of heartbreak and freedom from its hold on you.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn the 5-step process of dealing with disappointment as you debunk the LIES you might believe about God and learn how to step into an "Intimacy Based Identity".
  • Truly understand the 5 stages of grief and become empowered with how to practically and productively grieve on your own.
  • Become acutely aware of the crippling emotional and physical side-effects of not grieving and how it is affecting your life.
  • Discover why phrases like “should have”, living in a state of “what if’s”, and searching for closure can stunt your healing process like no other.
  • Learn the difference between knowing and knowing TOO MUCH, and how to properly and healthily balance the two in the face of rejection.
  • Establish healthy boundaries by completing the Breakup #BOUNDARIES Challenge.
  • Be guided through a Coping Mechanisms Checklist to identify unhealthy tendencies that you are most prone to and replace them with healthy and practical coping practices and routines.
Module 2


Now that you understand how to deal with disappointment and have a process to healthily grieve, you will move on to REFLECTING and RECKONING with the past so that you can better prepare and avoid these tendencies in the future. You will also start the process of truly transforming your mind and learning how to become more aware of triggers. The goal of this session is for you to feel freedom from toxic thoughts, fears, and anxieties as well as becoming aware of your own personal triggers so that you can trust again and MOVE ON healthily.

Module Highlights:

  • Unpack how to reckon with your story in order to find HOPE for the future while discovering the actual tools to write a brand new, powerful ending.
  • Learn the two KEY ingredients to being victorious as you give an empowered voice to what has happened to you and know how to actively apply them to your life.
  • Understand the 3-step process to reckoning and practice writing your own breakup story of STRENGTH.
  • Master how to take radical ownership, stop stinking thinking, and get out of the victim mentality for good.
  • Learn what a trigger is and understand common trigger situations and how to identify when you are feeling triggered.
  • Implement the 5-step process of getting out of a trigger and start stripping away the fears and toxic narratives holding you back.
  • Discover the action steps behind “Taking every thought captive”, which is so much more than just Christianese.
  • Understand more about neuroplasticity, how God created our brains, and become empowered by the control you have over your mind.
  • Do some “BRAIN SURGERY” by actually practicing a 5-step process to detoxing the mind.
Module 3


Now that you have DONE THE WORK (go you!) of taking ownership and begun to truly transform your mind, we need to dive into confidence and self-love. It’s true that we “accept the love we think we deserve” and because of that, before receiving love from another person, we have to learn how to be confident and love ourselves. In this session you will learn how to build back love for yourself, find practical ways to understand God’s love, embrace self-care, re-discover confidence, and start LOVING your single life. This session is all about finding a deep, lasting self-love and confidence which are KEY ingredients to wholehearted living.

Module Highlights:

  • Grow in a further understanding of God’s love, taking it from just head knowledge to a deep rooted heart knowledge.
  • Take a real hard look at any false anchors of love that might exist in your life and learn how to tackle them head on.
  • Learn how to put language around WHAT you need and WHY you need it.
  • Take a deep dive into the 5 love languages and learn why they are so important in regards to understanding our wants and needs.
  • Pinpoint the actual ways that you can show yourself more love NOW and find ways to incorporate this into your daily life.
  • Debunk the 2 biggest myths about self-care and discover why it is an essential part of healthy healing and cultivating deep self-love.
  • Learn the Biblical principles behind why and how even Jesus loved self-care!
  • Develop a "Self-Love Plan" and start getting excited about showing yourself the love you deserve!
  • Unlock the 3 biggest ways you can start LOVING YOUR SINGLE LIFE right now!
Module 4


Now that you have gained confidence, learned how to re-establish self love, and begun to embrace your current season, we need to remove any final layers of fear all while staying steadfastly resilient in the future. The goal here is to face the truth of rejection and become prepared and strong enough to face it in the future. Rejection is not something we can fully avoid in life, so I want you to be fully confident and prepared for any future rejection (big or small). With your new found strength, rejection may prick you but it will NOT take you down. You will also learn how to set healthy and practical boundaries with exes that will help you on your journey of truly MOVING ON quickly should you ever face heartbreak again.

Module Highlights:

  • Uncover the common ways that rejection corrupts our minds, and practically work through the lies YOU have believed about rejection.
  • Learn how to create a powerful rejection shield that will get you through any future heartbreak you might encounter.
  • Learn the 4 main ingredients of breaking up well and how to incorporate them into your life for full resiliency.
  • Discover the ultimate truth you NEED TO HEAR when you are going through a breakup that will transform the way you see them entirely.
  • Understand the 5 step process to setting boundaries.
  • Learn how to set REAL, healthy boundaries for yourself and with exes.
Module 5


In the final step of this journey we are going to establish a renewed HOPE for the future as well as a strategic vision for your dating life moving forward. Together, we will walk through and learn about what you should really be looking for. Overall, it will give you clarity and vision around your spiritual life, single life, and dating life. You will feel READY to get back in the game with a plan and a vision that you are confident about! Can you say FREEDOM and EXCITEMENT?!

Module Highlights:

  • Unlock the ultimate litmus test to discover if and when YOU ARE READY TO DATE again!
  • Understand the process to discovering consistent JOY with Jesus.
  • Unpack vision and purpose, what the difference is, and how you can discover BOTH of them for your life.
  • Check in with the progress you have made from previous sessions and identify continued areas of growth… it’s all about #accountability!
  • Get CLEAR on what you truly want in a man.
  • Implement VISION for your life and as you get specific about what you desire for your life in the next YEAR.
  • Discover the process to actually get BACK OUT there without fear. 

Join The Heartbreak to First Date 30 Day Challenge

Let me say this upfront,

The Heartbreak To First Date Program is the most comprehensive, step-by-step program for women going through heartbreak, struggling with rejection or who simply desire a freedom from fear. It’s a process for healing that works by giving you a renewed sense of self and a firm HOPE for the future.

This community will make you feel uplifted, seen, understood, and empowered. You will meet other like minded women in your shoes. And you will have ME as your coach, cheerleader, and friend.

Now here’s the kicker.

By the end of 30 days, you’ll have experienced the first 4 modules, the intro module, and LIVE Q&A’s. You’ll have had quality time with me, AND have met other incredible women who are in your shoes (hello instant new besties). You’ll also have received the corresponding workbooks for those weeks and be actively making strides to beginning the process of becoming a wholehearted, healed woman.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by the change you see and what you are learning with me by your side as your cheerleader, you can feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected]. Show me that you’ve put in the work and I will personally refund your investment.

Here’s What You'll Get When You Enroll for the HTFD Program today:

The Heartbreak to First Date Program, (A $597 Value)

  • BONUS #1: The Ultimate Dating Essentials Guide ($19.99 Value)

  • BONUS #2: When To Date Again Assessment ($29.99 Value)

  • BONUS #3: Access to a Private, Members Only Facebook Community for Accountability + Support ($147)Total Value: $994

  • BONUS #4: Weekly LIVE Q+A Sessions with ME for further healing, support and pep-talks ($297)
  • BONUS #5: First 10 people to signup will get a 30 minute Private, 1 on 1, Zoom Call with Kait ($75)

When you add it all up, that’s a value of $1166, y'all!

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything with the program for just:

One Time Payment

1 Payment of


Let's Do This, Girl!

Monthly Payments

3 Payments of


Let's Go!

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions my most committed students want to know before joining the Heartbreak to First Date program:

Upon signing up for Heartbreak to First Date, you will received a welcome email as well as immediate access to the program and all modules in My Kajabi. *Your My Kajabi login is the login you used to purchase the program.

From here, you can start diving into the program instantly!

However, one of the best parts about doing this program is being able to do it alongside fellow sisters who are also in need of healing.

Starting the week of April 13th, we will begin going through the program together at the page of 1 module per week. I recommend having already completed the introduction module at that point. From then on, we will meet virtually in FB and discuss each module of the program. I will do weekly LIVE videos in our private community answering all of your questions as well.

If you fall behind or even want to go ahead, no worries... you will have access to the content for as long as I run this program (which will be for a long time!).

To be honest, I love this question. As a self-made entrepreneur, who built my business, trust me when I tell you that I too, am on a budget girlfriend!! I will tell you this, we invest in the things that are truly important to us. We invest in Netflix, gym memberships, and in buying fancy coffee…. So what does that really say? Or we can invest in buying rad gifts for the people that mean something to us, which is great, but what about investing in you? It’s so fascinating how we can do so much for others yet question investing into the true livelihood of our own futures. Let me put it into perspective: joining this program would mean taking just one month off of going to a fancy coffee shop every day. Just one month. Investing in yourself is a declaration that you know you are worth it. Healing your heart and being made new again is priceless compared to living in continued fear, prolonged pain, and a lack of confidence. Girlfriend, your heart is too precious. I don’t have to tell you that, because the Bible does. I just want you to see that investing in restoring that beautiful heart of yours is more than worth it. This is also why I created the affordable payment plan option. You’ve got this! I believe in you and am here with you!

Sis, that would be incredible, but I also have to tell you this, the healing process is not linear. In fact, it is anything but. As for most things in our life, we are always going to be consistent works of progress. If it’s done with endurance, precision, care, and attention (and a whole bunch of grace and love), this program will catapult you into your journey and make you SO much stronger. However, the only person that can really determine if that is the case is you. This is all about how much work and effort you put into this. I cannot take this seriously for you. I cannot do the work for you. I cannot encourage you to continue these practices after the 6 weeks are over… you have to make these decisions for yourself… but do you want to know the best part? I fully believe you are capable of this!!!

I know it seems like we never have enough time... but all I have to say is: if BEYONCE has the same number of hours in a day as YOU, you have the time!

I am a busy bee, just like you. I juggle a million things and sometimes I find myself halfway through the day wearing my underwear totally inside out (whoops!).

All that being said, I would recommend carving out 2 hours a week for this (3 would be even better). 1 hour for each the lessons under each module, and another 1-2 hours for the weekly Q&A’s, journaling, and interacting with the other gals in the FB group.

My hope is that the time flies because it feels like we are hanging out as you get solid work done and see the progress. I am just so excited for the transformation God has for you through this!

Let me say this upfront...

The Heartbreak to First Date Program is the step-by-step process that not only shows you exactly how to become a confident, healed woman after heartbreak but also gives you clarity and hope to get back out there to find a healthy, lasting, and godly relationship.

This community will make you feel uplifted, seen, understood, and empowered. You will meet other like-minded women in your shoes, and you will have me as your coach, cheerleader, and friend.

Now here’s the kicker.

By the end of 30 days, you’ll have experienced the first 4 modules, the intro module, and LIVE Q&A’s. You’ll have had quality time with me, and you'll have met other incredible women who are in your shoes (hello instant new besties). You’ll also have received the corresponding workbooks for those weeks and be actively making strides to beginning the process of becoming a wholehearted, healed woman.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by the change you see or with what you are learning with me, you can feel free to reach out to me directly at [email protected] Show me that you’ve put in the WORK and I will personally refund your investment.

GREAT QUESTION! The private FB Group will run for 6 weeks during the program. After that, you will be added to a larger Heartbreak to First Date Master Facebook Group that includes everyone from past programs.

As such, you can continue to have conversations with women in your boat even AFTER the 6 weeks are over (in fact, I hope you WILL do that!)

Other than that, you will have access to the program in My Kajabi for as long as I am teaching it (which is hopefully going to be a VERY long time!)

You can re-watch the videos, re-do the workbook assignments, and continue to look back at the conversations from our time in the program. I’m so excited for these teachings to continue blessing you over and over. 

Sure thing, girly!


The Heartbreak to First Date Program, ($597 Value)

BONUS #1: The Ultimate Dating Essentials Guide ($19.99 Value)

BONUS #2: When To Date Again Assessment ($29.99 Value)

BONUS #3: Access to a Private, Members Only Facebook Community for Accountability + Support ($147)Total Value: $994

BONUS #4: Weekly LIVE Q+A Sessions with ME for further healing, support and pep-talks ($297)

When you add it all up, that’s a VALUE of $1091, y'all!

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

3 payments of $79


1 payment of $197



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