The Heart of Dating Conference for your Church

We are so excited that your church is interested in participating in The Heart of Dating Conference! We know that not being able to offer in-person events, or to do them in a way that makes everyone feel safe, is likely one of the greatest challenges you’ve had in your ministry. We want to help take the disappointment and stress you have to be feeling, and give you a really fun way to connect your church members with Jesus and one another! We know it’s going to be a powerful time of connection and community for you and your members during this unique season. 


Below is a 5-step plan to utilize
The Heart of Dating Conference by making it your own:

Step 1

Sign Your Church Up

Sign your church up and receive a custom offer for your group! Our team will be in touch with you with next steps.

Step 2


Utilize your exclusive coupon code and invite your people to register for the conference. You will receive access to these resources following sign up. 

Step 3

Create a Private Facebook Group

Setup a Private Facebook Group and title it <Your Church Name> Heart of Dating Conference. While promoting The Heart of Dating Conference, invite the people who register to join your private Facebook Group to build community around the conference before, during and after. Engage consistently in this group sharing the sessions you plan to attend, what you’re learning, stir conversations by asking questions and just have some fun building community together. 

Step 4

Set Up a Zoom Line

Set up a Zoom line and designate 3-4 meeting times for the people in your church to join the Zoom line for conversation to share what they’re learning and to spend time in prayer together. It might be helpful to set a schedule of the sessions and when you all will view and discuss them. Remember you have access to ALL sessions, and so do each of your members who register. Find the ones that you think might be best for your group's unique needs!

Step 5

Communicate Consistently

Create an email list of the people in your church who register for The Heart of Dating Conference to most effectively communicate with them before, during and after the conference. Make sure they know how to get into the Facebook Group, when your Zoom gatherings are and sessions that you recommend specifically for the members in your church. 

Step 6

Be Creative and Make It Your Own

You know your people best! If you know that no one would do a Zoom call, don’t do it! You don’t have to do all that we suggest. This is just meant to get you started. In addition, you are free to add to this concept whatever you want. We know some churches are going to do swag bags that will be sent to people in the mail or dropped off on porches. Others still want to do giveaways, and so they are doing that on the Facebook group. Others are having people in their church share testimonies in their Facebook group, and also asking for prayer requests each week in there. We’ve also heard that some churches are starting their own hashtag, so people can share together: #HODYourChurchName. Ask the Lord to show you what would be best for your members, and empower other people to help you do it! 

We want this conference to be refreshing, inspiring and fun for the men and women in your church and for you during this unique season. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing [email protected]