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Hey sista!

Hi friend! My name is Kait Warman and I am a dating coach and the founder of Heart of Dating, and I have a question for ya.

Do you consistently find yourself saying "where are all the QUALITY Christian men?

I have to admit, more than anything I hear women sharing with me that they want to meet quality Christian men, but can't find them.

Here's the dealio: God created a TON of amazing men, and the beauty is, we only need to find 1!

So right now, during this quarantine season, we want to encourage you to begin dating in a creative way... aka through DIGITAL DATING.


"Umm what in the world is that?", you might be thinking. Well, we'd like for you to think of it as your personal dating service. ;) Our goal is to widen your net of reach and connect you with amazing Christian MEN from our Heart of Dating network!


SO, how do you get access to meeting said amazing Christian men?

So glad you asked!

We welcome you to join this service for a one time fee and get access to our entire catalog of Christian men.

Upon joining you will have access to Christian men who have sent in 1 minute personality videos about themselves (that's right, we said video). These videos are fun, quirky, and show the guys personalities! You can then reach out to the dudes via instagram (their handle is included)



once you see a cutie that catches your eye...DROP THE HANKY! 

Aka put yourself out there and slide into that dude's DM's! Don't put a ton of pressure on yourself, this is meant to be FUN and EXCITING!


This is for you IF...

You've been unsure of how to actually meet quality, Christian men.

Are open to meeting men virtually.

You're okay with not knowing if someone is your husband on the first date (slow your roll bb girl). ;)

Feel too busy to go through all the myriad of swipe right and swipe lefts.

Want to make the most of dating during quarantine.

Challenge yourself to be BOLD and embrace confidence unlike ever before (you got this girlfrienddd!)

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Hey girl...I'm Kait!

I'm a Los Angeles based author, speaker, relationship coach, course creator, and advocate for all things dating!

I desire to empower both men and women to have the courage to own their story, walk in victory, thrive with purpose, and discover clarity and vision in their life and relationships.

I'm incredibly passionate about the topic of relationships and have a deep hope that the dating scene can be transformed (because let’s face it #thestruggleisreal).  I do this because I myself have an extensive dating background, but have actively worked to seek hope, growth, and an even deeper sense of self love. 

I am the Founder of Heart of Dating and host of the Heart of Dating Podcast.

Meet the Single Dudes

...for only $9!

Start dating in a new and creative way!

  • A new way to meet quality, Christian singles!
  • Access to an archive of amazing single Christian men features.
  • New videos of Christian single men added weekly.
  • Tips for How to Drop the Hanky
  • A weekly newsletter with fun dating tips and resources and new dude features.

Want even more?

Join the Single Ladies Challenge!

and get access to Drop the Hanky Digital Dating for FREE!

  • Full access to the Drop the Hank Digital Dating Service!
  • Additional access to our private, members-online only #singleladieschallenge community and discussion group.

  • 6 CORE Challenges with a Premise Video + a Video Discussing the Biggest Fears

  • Frequent LIVE Videos in the FB community by Kait with Q+A’s and Pep Talks.

  • Access to a Private Single Ladies Challenge FB Community for accountability and new girlfriends.

Heart of Dating assumes no responsibility for the connections formed through this service. By joining this program you hereby assume responsibility for your own experience with the men featured in this service. You also hereby agree that you understand Heart of Dating does not personally know the single men being featured. By reaching out to the men you see through this platform you agree that you are doing so on your own accord and any outcome should not be held responsible to Heart of Dating. That being said, should you have any issues, please do let us know directly. Must be 18 years of age or older to sign up. 

Want to nominate a single dude!? 



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